25 July, 2016

What’s Yo Sano no residues?

Yo Sano no residues is a quality seal deprived, created by an entity specialized in the efficient management in the food-processing sector, which guarantees that the processes and systems used by the producers who have taken refuge voluntarily in the seal, have managed to produce food socially and environmentally responsible.

People is aroused increasingly on the need to adopt habits of healthy supply, for what has grown in parallel the worry brings over of the food safety and the characteristics of the food that we consume.

Yo Sano no residues, and the entity that sustains it, want to help to answer to this increasing social worry starting this seal of guarantee, which is the result of our accredited experience in.logoENG

How does Yo Sano no residues work?

Yo Sano no residues applies agile and reliable procedures of control orientated to the professionals and the companies of the sector horticultural. Helping to the company to reach his aim, offering tools that facilitate traceability, supports the operators informed and attends to all his consultations with specialized personnel. In addition, during the first years of certification, Yo Sano no residues is more tolerant with the residues, to be able to facilitate to the producers the acquisition of the good habits and be able to give a margin of treatment of the plant.

Yo Sano no residues improves many aspects as vital as the quality of the nutrition, he compromises himself to:

  • Certify products, services and companies, offering them a competitive differential value that helps to favor the commercial exchanges and the international cooperation.
  • Guarantee the rigor, the impartiality and the technical competition of the services of certification.
  • Orientate the management of the systems to the satisfaction of our clients, with criteria of integral quality, to obtain results that guarantee his development in a competitive frame.
  • Stimulate the diffusion of a culture of the nutrition without chemical residues.