26 July, 2016

The certification process

The certification process is the verification to our customers that satisfy the requirements like agricultural production without chemical residues, product traceability, quality assurance, etc. The requirements are basically focused on CSR conditions, that is why Yo Sano no residues is compatible with other certifications such as GlobalGAP, BRC/IFS or GRASP.

The certification process is very simple and consists in the following steps that the client has to perform:

  • Preparing the Client: will be able to obtainYo Sano technical advice, to meet all the requirements that are required by the brand. 
  • ENAC accredited laboratory: is responsible of performing the multi-residue analytical. To obtain the certificate is required to have obtained the maximum 10% allowed MRL.
  • ENAC certification entity: It is responsible for confirming that all requirements are met in production, traceability, social responsibility, etc.
  • Certification: After obtaining the certificate will last for one year and may be renewed year after year, allowing the client certificate access to more competitive markets.

Both certification bodies and accredited laboratories are free choice of our customers, however the brand may suggest some partner companies.

certification process buena